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Have you dreamed of sailing but don't know where to start? Or do you want to experience the unique, world's largest archipelago in the traditional way? With the traditional sailingboat Hanna, you can both get into the atmosphere of the past and learn the secrets of sailing. During the two-hour sail, you will learn the basics of sailing, hear the best stories about Hamari's seafaring history and experience the inner archipelago of Porvoo in the best possible way: in a wooden boat, only the lapping of the waves in your ears.

Hanna is young for a traditional peasant boat, only 30 years old, a chubby beauty. Similar boats have served the inhabitants of the archipelago for centuries as fishing, transportation and trading boats. Famous painter Albert Edelfelt, who spent his summers in Haikkoo and Hamari, has immortalized perhaps Finland's most famous peasant boat in his painting Merellä. Local girl Fio and fisherman Lindström pose in a boat filled with nets in a stormy sea.

On this trip of about two hours, we learn the basics of sailing and raise the sails when the weather is suitable. If there's no wind or too much wind, we row.  If you want, you can also steer the boat yourself. Skipper Milla is with you all the time, so sailing is also suitable for those who are sailing for the first time and those who dream about it.

During the trip, we got to know the secrets of sailing and the rich history of the Hamari and Haikkoo region. If the skipper's chatter bothers you, you can also ask the skipper to shut it and focus on enjoying the sea ;)

At best, the boat can accommodate six people. The planetary wind system constantly organizes surprises in Hamari as well, so the number of passengers is initially limited to four, and as the weather forecasts on the sailing day become more precise, more passengers can possibly be added. The trip is always reserved for one group at a time.

Sailing happens in the moment: if there's enough wind, we go further and faster, and on a windless or very windy day we might row the boat, which is fun too. Carpe diem. The sailing will be postponed to another time if there is thunder, pouring rain or the wind is strong and/or gusty. We will inform about this as soon as possible when the weather forecast becomes more precise.

It's always cooler at sea, dress warmly with windproof clothes. Gloves and a beanie are a good idea. Life jackets are provided by Hamarikupla.

2 h sailing / rowing excursion on traditional boat Hanna 200 eur incl. VAT. and skipper. The ride can accommodate 1-4 people (up to six if the wind is optimal).

Hamarikuplan perinnevene vesillä

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