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The road to the water opens from here

Online sailing course toofor everyone


We have coached two hundred crabs to the beginning of their own sailing path, are you next?

Our own paths to the sea are quite different: a hobby that started in childhood and an acute passion for sailing in adulthood. Together, we are able to offer wannabe sailors both decades of stable sailing and training expertise, as well as support and understanding for the first steps of a rather remarkable path.

We are founding members and active members of Hamar's sailors, chosen as the Yacht Club of the Year 2022, as well as finalists for the media act of the Year in Sailing. Through the local sailing courses we organize, in the course of four years we have prepared another hundred fresh sailors for the sea with a customer satisfaction rating of 9.7 (scale 0-10).

Sailing has an incredible effect on the mind and body. Everyone deserves the sea and peace of mind!That's why we moved our super popular face-to-face course to online training. After the course, you are ready to move to a sailboat and to the water, either independently or with our nearby course in Porvoo. Welcome to the first step! The course is also suitable for beginner sailors who want to deepen their own skills.

WARNING: this course may change your life! (for better)


Milla and Adele



Online sailing course

  • 14 video lectures, total 10 h

  • Remote assignment at the end of each lecture to monitor your own progress

  • Online support

  • 3 remote group meetings

  • Material at your disposal for 9 months

The course starts in February 2024 and ends in May 2024. You can complete the lectures freely at your own pace.


170 EUR incl. VAT

Registration opens in December.

Request an early booking offer below!


Local sailing course

For those who have already sailed a bit or have taken an online sailing course.

  • 1 hour theory lesson, getting to know the boat and putting the boat in sailing condition

  • 4 h sailing in the Porvoo archipelago

  • A small snack

During sailing, you can steer the boat, as well as perform other tasks central to sailing, independently with the support of the pilot.

We have several beginner-friendly small excursion boats in which you can effectively get to the heart of sailing.

The boat takes 1-4 sailors at a time.

120 eur / person / incl. VAT

Note! A limited number of day sailing courses are available in May and June. Those who have taken the online course have priority when allocating places.

Registration opens in December.

Request an early booking offer below!

Flying Sail

Who is the Sailing Course suitable for?

For the dreamers, the doers, the restless, the seekers, the bored, the happy. Sailing makes anyone's life better, we know from the experience of hundreds of course participants.

Around sailinghas caught the unpleasantly stubborn stigmas of yacht club tables covered with crystal glasses and hundreds of people tearing up in a cold shower. Of course, you can enjoy sailing from the deck of a millionaire, but in fact, with the help of our tips, a beginner can get into the hobby with a few hundred dollars.

There is enough learning. In one or two summers, you will learn everything you need, and you can fine-tune the rest with a smile on the waves for the rest of your life.

Our sailing courses are suitable for everyone who enjoys outdoor life, challenges and easy breathing.


Don't stay on the beach! Secure yourself a premium price for a fast sailor.

Sailing courses go on sale in December. You will receive the priority code now and we will remind you of the opening of the registration by email.

Kiitos! Inspiraatiota lähetettiin juuri sähköpostiisi.

Online sailing course content

The course consists of 14 video lectures and remote group meetings. At the end of the lectures, you will receive a remote assignment to support your own learning.
You can complete the course in a schedule that suits you.
From the course, I got everything I set out to get and, in addition, other positive things at the wholesale market: e.g. genuine passion for sailing.

Student of the fall 2023 near-term course


Step onboard! Introducing the captain and coxswain of the online course boat.

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